Chickamauga Police Warns Public About New Scam

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police warn public about new scam
If you received one of these door hangers, discard it. It’s a FRAUDULENT DELIVERY NOTICE.
We called the listed number. The dispatcher stated that it was The Chattanooga Water Authority wanting to give the resident a $50 Amazon Gift Card for allowing them to test the water in your sink. We assure you this is a scam.
Please give us a call if you witness anybody leaving these tags on residents doors, we would like to talk to them!
A few tips on these type of Scam’s
1.Water Authorities test their own water and do not need to enter your residence to do any testing.
2. Do a quick Google search of the number. A Google search of this number brought up several scam alerts from around the southeast.
3. If it’s an honest business, then the company usually puts its company logo on the flyer so you can do your own research.
Please share and be aware of these type scam’s.
police warn public about scam

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